Do you trust Me? [ One Shot ]

Title: Do you trust Me?
Author: rionkaori
Status: Completed
Pairing(s): YunJae
Rating: PG 13
Genre: angts, romance, POV
Beta by: my pillow (just kidding XD ME~!)
Warning: unbetaed
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my plot thanks to my insanely brokenhearted mind

Yunjae’s relationship written in accords of Kim Jaejoong’s POV

"The way he looks at me, touch me, hug me... it's different from others... I'm special to him... right?"


They call me possessive, selfish, self centered, insecure… that is… because of you

“I love you Jaejoongie” you said jokingly… You didn’t know how those simple words affected me…

When you intertwine your hands with mine, I could feel my heart skip a beat

“I don’t think of Jaejoong as a really good friend. He’s more like my other half” though I don’t know if you’re serious, but I felt butterflies in my stomach

When you caress my cheeks, I could only hold my breath

That time when I leaned on your shoulders, I heard your heart beats faster… I smiled knowing that I’m not the only one.

When you’d wrap me in your embrace, though it’s embarrassing to admit, for me it feels romantic

It’s hard for me to cry openly since I’m the oldest in the group. I have to show everyone that I am strong… Did you know I could only cry I front of you? Whenever our younger members would cry… I’d look at you… I know that time you also want to cry but you made a promise to yourself not to…      

I’m sorry that I’m the reason why your phone bill’s expensive, because you had to call me whenever I’d message you.

You made me feel special, I don’t know if it is only for fanservice or if it is because I really am special to you.

You always said that actions speaks louder than words, did you know that those simple gestures are the reason why day by day I started to fall for you?

For years I thought that I was special, that I’m not just another friend to you. Everybody knows that U-Know Yunho is a really caring person. I thought I was the only one who knows the other side of you.

I love how you’d always want to introduce me to your friends, as if you were to include me in your life forever. I love how you’d always choose me over our other members. I love it how you made me feel safe whenever you’re with me


Just when I’m getting my hopes up, after I’ve confessed my feelings for you, I realized something…

I’m not the only one…

While you’re on the phone I heard you say “I love you …” to one of your friends while your eyes were shining brightly, while your smile makes everybody envious of you

It hurts…

I noticed that I’m not the only one who you lock your hands with… I’ve seen you hold his hands not just once… but whenever you’d meet. You’re very affectionate while acting cute in front of him.


You used to call me your other half… you’re still mine

Keep it together…

I saw you fix his hair and caress his face lovingly, now I’m asking myself… how is that different from how you caress my cheeks, or how you fix my hair…


I don’t know if it’s the same with everybody, but I’d hear your heart beating fast when I’d lean my body on you

You should know…

I’m not very fond of you hugging others in front of me

At least…

Let me see you cry once, stop holding it in. “You can cry in front of me, let me comfort you” I said, but you just smiled… then you went out to go drinking… with him.

For you…

Yoochun accidentally told me… you would phone him every night even when we’re overseas. Whenever we’d have breaks no one could contact you… not even me, so I asked him if he was able to contact you or if he knows your whereabouts... He just said “He’s with me”, and I knew I had nothing to say anymore… I can’t

How can I?

That time as I stood in front of you, after I said how much I loved you… that facial expression of yours almost made me cry. You looked as if the world is hanging on your shoulders. Your smile was gone… your eyebrows twitched… when you said you only see me as a ‘friend’… do you know how hard it is for me to breathe that time?

Everybody knows I drink a lot, but after that incident I started to drink worse than before. I don’t know if you hate it, but I don’t care… Changmin once told me I should stop it, that time I thought he’s asking me to stop drinking, but it surprised me when he said that I should stop calling you when I’m drunk… he said you’re always worried when I’m out drinking with my friends. Serves you right…


There was that time wherein I just came from a drinking session… I’m not drunk nor am I intoxicated, I was just tired… too tired to go home by myself. I found myself phoning your number

“I’m drunk, come pick me up”   then I hung up

You immediately came to my aid

“You! What are you doing?!” you yelled at me, I’ve never seen you that angry and worried before…

“Kiss me right here” I said while smiling… okay I admit, I’m a little drunk back then

“What?!” and I saw how you hesitated

“See, this is who you are. This is the wall between the two of us that neither of us can do anything about it… because even it I tore it down you’ll be building it all up again… just let me in Yunho… just for tonight… even for a moment…”

Just when I was about to cry you suddenly grabbed my face pulled me into a passionate kiss, it was only peck… at first until it gets deeper and deeper, and it felt as if the world stopped moving… as if there’s only me and you. I wrapped my arms around your neck as I kiss you back… I never want it to stop, but we need to pull back in need for oxygen. We were both smiling. You grabbed my hand and took me home.

We were laughing loudly while entering our home, but not loud enough to wake up our sleeping members, you dropped me off in front of my bedroom, caressed my cheeks before pecking my lips

“Goodnight” you said while smiling

But before you could leave me I pulled you inside my room. Locked my door and pushed you on my bed. I straddled on top of you and started kissing you. I could feel the temperature started to rise.  We started to take each other’s clothes off...

“I love you” I said in between kisses

You stopped and held my face

“I’m sorry…” you said while looking serious and I felt that I woke up from a wonderful dream, I felt ugly inside…

As I was about to leave, you pulled me and pinned me down. I find it difficult to look at you, I was angry at you but I was angrier at myself.

“Jaejoongie… look at me” Tears started to roll down my face and I tried to avoid your gaze

“No… look at me Jaejoong” you said with your pleading voice

“I love you…” you whispered

“As a friend… as a brother…” I replied, yeah, I’m no longer hoping that time…


“Then what Yunho!? What? Please stop confusing me!”

“I love you like this” you said before you kissed me deeply, I felt you hot wet tongue inside my mouth. I was shocked at first, but I found myself kissing you back

“I love you, I love everything about you. I want you to be by my side always. I don’t want you to leave. I want you not as a friend and most definitely not as a brother… but as a lover…”

“Then why did you reject me earlier?” I asked in confusion

“I was scared… I was scared that you’re just confused with your feelings… I was scared of what others would think of you if we’re to be in a relationship… I can accept all those hateful words that other people may throw but not you. I don’t want to see you hurt. Whenever you’d cry it feels as if my heart is also breaking…”

“Do you trust me?” I asked


“I said to you trust me?”

“I do-“

“Then love me… let’s not think of other people because all I could think about is you…”


“Yunho… just shut up and kiss me” I pulled you into a kiss

That night I never felt so complete, you made me yours… and you’re mine… mine


We were happy. Even if it’s hard at first… the members accepted our relationship. I was a bit shocked at first that Yoochun and Changmin were not surprised… it was only Junsu who was stunned, but the later accepted us.

Our relationship was smooth sailing. I’ve never felt this kind of happiness …

Rumors about us started spreading like wildfire.

Our parents found out about us, at first my parents could not accept it. I don’t know how you did it but eventually they finally gave us their blessing. But our biggest problem were your parents, they were kind to us, yes. But they were really against our relationship… even your charms can’t work against them…

“Father! Mother! Please give Yunho to me” I said as I paid them respect

That time I thought they would oppose to me once again, but this time it was different.

“Jaejoong…” Your father said

I was prepared for another rejection…

“If Yunho… If Yunho turns 30 and he still isn’t married… then I  will…. I will allow you guys… I will allow you to marry Yunho…” Your mother said with a weary smile

There’s hope… I smiled


Our relationship with our company was on the rocks. Things become blurry, we started fighting a lot, and we were both tired. That was the darkest time of our lives…

As I was pulling my luggage out of my room, you went in

“I’m about to leave now…” I said while holding back the tears

“Don’t leave…” your eyes were pleading

“I’ll be back… so…”

“Liar… Liar…” you’re already crying

“No- Don’t you know how much I love you?” I cried

“Can’t you show that love to me now? Stay… Jaejoong… stay with me…” I kissed him

“I love you”

“Can’t you stay by my side?”

“Do you trust me?”


“I trust you Yunho, I love and trust you, but this is a decision we made…”

“I trust you… I trust you…”

“Will you keep my place?”

“I’ll protect you… do you trust me?”

I  smiled…

“I trust you…”

AN: I was finally able to finish a fanfic!! my last one was two years ago XD and it was for another pairing :))))) to my readers of "Wasurenaide" (Pairing: Akame) I'm sorry.. i don't think i can continue writing that... yet. but i don't know. i might pick it up soon, i'f i'll be able to find my muse XD let me drown myself with Yunjae for the moment :DDDDDDDDDD let the love burn~! burn!!!!! give me love love love and comment... onegai!!!

Wasurenaide[Chapter 4]

Title: Wasurenaide[Chapter 4]
Author: rionkaori
Status: ongoing
Pairing(s): Akame, slight Pikame, other side pairing to come(?)
Rating: G
Genre: angts, romance
Beta by: my pillow (just kidding XD ME~!)
Warning: unbetaed
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my plot thanks to my insanely brokenhearted mind

Summary: The story took place last 2012
Which is worse? A sad memory you couldn’t forget? Or a memory you couldn’t remember? After years of his departure, looks like Kamenashi still couldn’t erase him from his memories…

Previous Chapter (s) Prologue+Chapter1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3
As the cherry blossoms flutter and as the wind is brushing through his face… under that cherry blossom tree, there he stands in front of him, a boy two years his junior. His cheeks are as red as a tomato and tears are rolling down his eyes

“What’s wrong Kazu-chan?” Jin is flustered and didn’t know how to make the younger one stop

“My Taka-niichan left today… he left me… now I’m all alone” He cried some more

“Who’s Taka-niichan?”

“He’s the only one who’s able to understand me… the only one… even though my parents are busy, just as long as Taku-nii’s there I’ll be alright… but he left me…”

“Shhhh now Kazu, I’m still here... I won’t leave you”

“You’ll leave me too! Maybe not now but later… you’ll leave me too and it’ll hurt all over again!” Kame shouted

“I won’t! I’ll never leave you, never betray you. I promise!” Kame stopped crying after hearing Jin’s statement

“You promise?” Kame looked hopeful and the older simply smiled

“I am always here for you… I promise”

“Pinky promise?” Kame said childishly and drew out his pinky, Jin just breathed out a sigh and intertwined his pinky with Kame’s

“Pinky promise, if I lie, I will drink 1000 needles, and cut my pinky.” Kame wiped out his tears and finally smiled, the smile that melted his heart. Unconsciously he grabbed the younger one and hugged him

“I’m always here… so don’t cry anymore okay?” he was embraced by the younger boy’s warmth, he didn’t know who’s heartbeat he is hearing, all he know was that his heart was beating fast…

‘Please let this moment last’ he said to himself as the younger one hugged him back

*End of Flashback*

While lying on their bed and looking at the ceiling, he drew his pinky finger out

“I guess I would have to drink a million needles and cut my pinky” he murmured

“What are you talking about?” Meisa who came from the toilet is only wearing her robe and was drying her hair
Jin immediately withdrew his finger

“Ah… it’s nothing” and he entered the toilet leaving his wife puzzled

“Hey Kame- waaaaaah?! What is he doin’ here????” Koki exaggeratedly pointed at Jin who was also inside their room

“Since when did he return as our A in KAT-TUN???” still pointing exaggeratedly at Jin

 “Quiet down Koki, no one come back… he’s just here as my temporary manager” Kame simply replied while checking out the schedule that
Jin had organized for him

“Ehhhhhhhh?! Wha- What about Tabata-san?” Koki was referring to Kame’s manager

“He’s on a leave…. Anyway Akanishi-san could you please cancel my meeting with Haruka-san on the Wednesday and place it on the Saturday evening, thanks” then Kame placed the organizer gently on the table and sipped some coffee

“Yoroshiku ne” Jin smiled lightly

It’s been a week since Johnny had made Jin as Kame’s temporary manager, and Kame had not even once called Jin by his first name

“Oh… Okay, anyway should I start calling you Manager-san ?–!!”

“You can call me as Akanishi but I’m more comfortable if you’d still call me Jin”

“Oh yeah~! I’d still stick with Jin cause in America its first name basis right?!” Koki teased when Kame suddenly stood up

“Am going to the toilet” and immediately left

Koki immediately changed face from happy-go-lucky to serious

“How long has he been acting like that?” Jin was a bit stunned with Koki’s change of face and voice tone

“Umn… for about a week or so” Koki breathed out a long sigh after hearing Jin’s answer

“So he’s back to that phase again… please do not be so hard on him, make sure that he’s be able to get some rest… he’s been pushing himself once again”

“Uh.. I’ll note that”

“EH?! JIN’S BACK!!” Ueda and Nakamaru couldn’t help themselves when they saw who was inside their room

“No… no… he’s only here as Kame’s temporary manager” Koki corrected them

“Eh? I wonder what the old man is planning once again.” said Junno who’s not really paying attention as he was glued on his PSP

The other one just curiously looked at Junno and couldn’t help but think… because surprisingly the later one was able to say something with sense

Kame was standing on the rooftop talking to his phone when Jin found him

“Yeah… I know… I know… yeah… on the Wednesday night right?! I’m excited! Uhmn… I’m happy. I won’t! no… okay goodbye… yeah I miss you too Taka-nii... what?! Okay hahaha… kiss kiss” Jin watched as Kame changed his expression and act childishly on the phone

‘Taka-nii? Where have I heard that pet name before’ Jin asked himself feeling a bit irritated knowing the younger once was able to smile fondly at somebody who’s not him... then he remembered that one fateful day that also bought him and Kame closer…

When Kame noticed him standing not so far away the younger’s face instantly darkened and looked serious

“How long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough”

“Heh… I didn’t know you’d develop a snooping habit overtime Akanishi-san”



  “Call me Jin like you used to and not ‘Akanishi-san’”

“I can’t do that” Kame simply replied not hiding his irritation

“Why? You used to call me Jin or Jinjin.”

“You said it yourself… ‘Used’. There are things you can no longer come back to Akanishi-san…” Kame said as he pass by Jin

“If that’s the case… then how come you’re still willing to accept your ‘Taka-nii’ back even after he abandoned you?” Kame stopped on his
tracks and faced the older man.

“You have no rights to say that because you know nothing!”Kame shouted, not really caring knowing that they are alone on that floor

“Then tell me so that I’d be able to understand!”

“Why do you care?!” Kame was furious

“Because I never stopped caring about you Kazu!” both were shocked hearing Jin call Kame as Kazu

“Don’t call me that!”

“Don’t call you what? KAZU!”

“SHUT UP!” Kame covered both his ears with his hands

“Look at me Kazu! Listen to me!”

 Jin grabbed Kame’s face and planted a kiss on the younger one’s lips…

*Flash back*

“Pinky promise?” Kame said childishly and drew out his pinky, Jin just breathed out a sigh and intertwined his pinky with Kame’s

“Pinky promise, if I lie, I will drink 1000 needles, and cut my pinky.” Kame wiped out his tears and finally smiled, the smile that melted Jin’s heart. Unconsciously he grabbed the younger one and hugged him

“I’m always here… so don’t cry anymore okay?” he was embraced by the younger boy’s warmth, he didn’t know who’s heartbeat he is hearing, all he know was that his heart was beating fast…

He then looked at the younger one’s face fondly and planted a sweet kiss on Kame’s lips…

*End of Flashback*

Jin could feel the younger one melting on his arms and is answering his kiss when suddenly Kame pushed him hard and punched him on the face

“Don’t ever do that again you understand!” Kame’s face is as red as a tomato

Before Jin could respond Kame had immediately left

“You’re still an asshole Jin” Nishikido Ryo immediately immerges from the shadows

“How long have you been here?”

“Long enough to witness something entertaining” Ryo smirked

“Whatever” Jin simply touched his cheeks where Kame’s fist landed

“Before you do anything stupid Jin I’m warning you… Stop. Stop it man.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about”

“You know damn well what I’m talking about Jin… just stop.”

 Jin just gave out a long sigh…

“I know… I know, but somehow I couldn’t help it. I just can’t”


A/N: am bored and flailing over Kuroko Tetsuya of Kuroko no Basket ihihihi <3 so my imagination and 'hallucinations' are running wild :DDDDD

Wasurenaide[Chapter 3]

Title: Wasurenaide[Chapter 3]
Author: rionkaori

Status: ongoing
Pairing(s): Akame, slight Pikame, other side pairing to come(?)
Rating: G
Genre: angts, romance
Beta by: my pillow (just kidding XD ME~!)
Warning: unbetaed
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my plot thanks to my insanely brokenhearted mind

Summary: The story took place last 2012
Which is worse? A sad memory you couldn’t forget? Or a memory you couldn’t remember? After years of his departure, looks like Kamenashi still couldn’t erase him from his memories…

A/N: sorry for not updating soon m(_ _)m i've been busy with my undergrad thesis and yeah... i'm having a hard time in finding 'inspirations' and ideas in writing this... but i somewhat got it back so let's see XD

Previous Chapter (s) Prologue+Chapter1, Chapter 2


Even though it’s been a month or two, Kame’s phone would still been ringing nonstop asking for an interview regarding Jin’s marriage. He wanted to shout at them and say that: “How am I supposed to know about his marriage if I have not even talked to him for the past few years?!” Even at his work place, most people had been looking at him strangely as if wanting to ask him if he does know about Jin’s marriage but they dared not to…

“Anou… Kamenashi-san” his manager disturbed him from sleeping

“Hmmn?” not even bother to open his eyes

“It seems that Johnny-san wanted to see you in his office later this day, since the last time you were called from his office… you didn’t come?”

“I understand” and then he drifted off back to sleep…

*Flash Back*

Kame could feel his skin being burned by the heat coming from the sun but he didn't really pay any attention to it since he's currently happy with where he's now and who's he's with while eating his strawberry flavored ice cream cone

"So... what if I am not able to keep my promise to you Kazu?" the older boy looked directly at his eyes

"Not able to keep what Jinjin?" Kazu asked while licking his ice cream

"What if... what if I am not able to be your sun? What if... What if..."

"Do you want to know why I like the sun the most?"


"Because the sun is warm... like your hands" Kame reached for Jin's hands and placed its palm on his cheeks “you’ll always be my sun no matter what…” he said smiling
“I am temporarily appointing Jin as your manager”

“What?!” both men almost screamed after their boss announced his decision

“But Johnny-san… I already have a manager! And this person that you’re appointing as my manger needs a manager…no… a baby sitter more than I am!” Kame raised his voice slightly just to give emphasis

“Yes, your manager had filed for his leave of absences since he needs to go back to the country to take care of his dying sick mother. And since the position is vacant… who else could fill up the position but no other than Jin”

“But why me?” Jin finally had a chance to say something

“It is a part of your ‘punishment’ and please do not question my authority… That’s all I’m going to say so for now, you’re both dismissed”

“Anou…” Jin tries to start with a conversation after they were sent outside

“I know you’re not good with promises but please do promise me that you will not get in my way” and Kame walked away leaving Jin behind. The older one not knowing what to do next stood still while staring at the floor.

“Are you coming or not? You’re temporarily my new manager are you not?” and immediately Jin followed him.
“Kazu-chan~! Ready to – Jin???? What are you doing here?!” Yamapi almost screamed while pointing at Jin

“Johnny-san arranged him as my ‘temporary manager’” Kame explains

“Uh… okay. Anyway, Kazu are you ready? I found this new cafe and they serve the best coffee and strawberry cake.”

“Yep, just let me get my stuff and we’ll go”

“Umn, anou…” Jin suddenly interrupted

“We’re done for the day. Otsukaresama Deshita”

“You could actually come with us Jin, it’ll be fun”

“demmo… Tomo, he needs to get home to his wife immediately doesn’t he? After all you know married men can no longer do what they’ve been doin’ while they are single. Must be fun ne?” Kame interrupted and turned around immediately

“Kame!” Yamapi is starting to scold Kame when…

“It’s alright Pi, I need to go home immediately anyway since my wife is waiting for me” Jin gave an emphasis on his last statement

“See you later Bro’” Yamapi stated goodbye

“Yeah, anyway see you at eight tomorrow Kamenashi-san”

“You know you’re just making things hard for the both of you with that attitude you’re giving off Kazu” Yamapi was driving Kame home

“What are you talking about Tomo?”

“I know that you’re trying to drive Jin off of you”

 “And you know a lot about me now?” Kame snapped

“You know that it’s not it”

“I’m sorry.... I’m just… tired. Tired from it all”

‘I know exactly how that feels’ Yamapi wanted to say that but decided to just keep it to himself or else it will start a fight between them.

“New projects I must guess?”

“Hmmn? Yeah…”

Kame gazed at the sun while it’s setting

‘Nobody can rewind the time… no matter what you do now, you can never undo the past. If only you know how much I missed you… us… but who is this Jin person who was with me earlier? I do not know him. He’s not you… he’s not you.’

“We used to know each other so well….”he mumbled

“Hmmmn?” Yamapi asked

“Nothing” Kame faked smiled but Yamapi was able to see through it

“I know you Kazu… What’s wrong?”


“Tell me when you’re ready okay? You know I’m always here for you” Yamapi squeezed Kame’s hand to assure him and smile at him

Kame wanted to take his hand back when he remembered something… someone who also said the same words to him years ago ‘I’m always here for you’

‘You’re such a liar… you’ve always been a liar… you also left me when you promised me that you’ll never leave my side’

Wasurenaide[Chapter 2]

Title: Wasurenaide[Chapter 2]
Author: rionkaori
Status: ongoing
Pairing(s): Akame, slight Pikame, other side pairing to come(?)
Rating: G
Genre: angts, romance
Beta by: my pillow (just kidding XD ME~!)
Warning: unbetaed
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my plot thanks to my insanely brokenhearted mind

Summary: The story took place last 2012
is worse? A sad memory you couldn’t forget? Or a memory you couldn’t
remember? After years of his departure, looks like Kamenashi still
couldn’t erase him from his memories…

Author Note:  i actually find it hard to continue this story since it's been a year or months since i last 'made it'. I don't know how it'll go anymore nor how it'll end.. let's just see *excited* XD i'll try to update at least once or twice a week *hopeful* but since my undergrad thesis is on the way........

Previous Chapter (s) Prologue+Chapter1



“Jin, how have you been?”


“Have you eaten?”


“Was it cold in there, wear your jacket properly, ne? Make sure you bring an umbrella whenever you would go out, it might rain, don’t want you to get sick. I know you’ve been working hard and doing your best but please don’t tire yourself. Make sure you’ll get enough rest ne?”


“Ja, ne?”

*End of Flashback*

That how his and Kamenashi’s conversation have been when he first went to L.A. to study. He didn’t know how but he never found Kame’s call annoying. Even if he would not speak back whenever the younger one would call, Kame would always have something to tell him about. Day by day he found himself waiting for Kame’s call.
For the first two or three months Kame would call every day, but his calls lessened as weeks and even months pass by.  On his last two months in L.A. his phone never rang because of Kame’s call. He thought that maybe the Younger have already forgotten about him, until he found out that KT-TUN that time was actually going to New York and that the younger had been very busy just so that Johnny would allow Kame to meet Jin.
That moment he actually felt that he was really special to Kame. During those times he thought that their relationship was something beyond and that no matter what happens, nothing or nobody could break off their bond… or so he thought….


“Ne Kazu-chan~!”

“Kazu-chan????!” Kame almost fell out of his chair

“You don’t like to be called as Kazu-chan?” Jin pouted

“I never said I liked it Jin” Kame rolled his eyes and tried to sit properly on his chair once again

“That’s right! Nobody could call you ‘Kazu’ or ‘Kazu-chan’ unless it’s me” Jin cheered happily but Kame just looked away trying to hide his blush

Jin chuckled at the sight of a shy Kame, somehow he felt something warm inside him… he loved looking at Kazuya. Those cheeks that turned into the shade of pink, that smooth skin…those kissable pouty lips…

*End of Flashback*

Jin groaned when somebody opened his curtains to let the sun in and slapped his butt, hard.
“Wake up Bakanishi!”
“Five more minutes…” Jin murmured
“You have an appointment with Johnny today!”
“I know” Jin rolled and rolled on his bed until his blanket covered him like a cocoon
“Right... Whatever, I need to go. I promised Kazu I’d drive him off to work today” after that Jin heard the fainting sound of footsteps and his front door closing
After hearing the term ‘Kazu’ Jin’s eyes snapped open, and only when the other left did he finally got up knowing that he wouldn’t be able to go to sleep after hearing somebody else call Kame as ‘Kazu’.
“Since when did Pi started to call Kamenashi as ‘Kazu’?” Jin asked himself
‘Why do you care Akanishi Jin’ he heard his ‘inner voice’ said, he could only sigh
He stepped into the shower and hoping that the cold water would be able to wake him up completely and would help him in forgetting his dream about the first time he called Kamenashi as Kazu
‘We were both young… but only I am the foolish one’

On his way out of Johnny’s office he wasn’t really paying attention to where he was going until he spotted on his peripheral view the same figure that he had thought he had forgotten, that figure stopped walking to his direction and even before he could look at the direction to where it is standing, it immediately ran away
“Do I look like a monster for him to run away like that?” he mumbled and a bit pissed of
‘But the way that you acted THAT day Jin… was worse than any monster’ he chest tightened
Jin fisted his hands and stopped walking, his manager noticed this
“Ano… Jin-kun, are you okay?” Concern was painted all over the man’s face
 “Ah… Yes, but… please go on ahead of me, I just need to use the toilet”
When Jin got to the lavatory, he spotted the said figure before on the sink washing his face. Through the mirror, his eyes caught the other man’s…


“Why do you keep on bugging me? Often calling me and was always there wherever I go??! Nothing’s going to change my mind!”

“But, I am not-” The older cuts him off before he could even answer when the older threw a bottle of liquor that immediately crashed on the
wall almost hitting Kame

“Leave!” Jin shouted once again

Kame immediately walked away, but while he was near the door he stopped for a moment and eventually left.

*End of Flashback*

Kame was about to leave when Jin immediately grabbed the younger’s arms to stop him
“We need to talk”
Kame glared at him and shrugged him off
“I have nothing to say to you. Now if you’ll excuse me” then Kame left
“But… I just want to fix the things I left broken” Jin whispered sadly

“Jin… I’m pregnant”
Jin almost fell down on his chair. He then looked at Meisa and saw that the later was serious about what she has said.
“Don’t give me that expression Jin! You know that it’s yours! After all... you’re my first” Meisa looked away and mumbled the last sentence
  Jin just kept on staring at Meisa, digesting the information ‘I’m going to be a Dad!’
“Anyway, I just wanted to tell you about it, but I am actually thinking of having it aborted. I mean… yeah especially at a time like this, I’m at the peak of my career Jin, a child would just drag me down… I just wanted to tell you because I think that you have the rights to know” Meisa was about to leave when Jin immediately stopped her
“You’re not going to abort my child… I’m marrying you”
Jin went on his knees and held Meisa’s hands
“Marry me and become the mother of my children” Meisa was dumbfounded and just looked at Jin, but then smiled
“That was the worst wedding proposal I’ve ever heard”
Jin stood up and kissed her forehead
“Is that a yes?”
“”Yes, I would marry you Jin” Meisa chuckled and hugged the older man and buried her face on Jin’s shoulders… secretly wiping her tears off, but is smiling.
“Demmo… Jin” Meisa mumbled while still wrapped by Jin’s arms, she felt so comfortable and warm inside
“What is it?” Jin said and kissed Meisa’s head while caressing her hair
“I’m scared…” looked down then she held her not-so-big-belly
Jin looked at what she was holding, then took her hands and kissed them
“Don’t be… I’ll be with you, all the time… I won’t leave you no matter what”
“But Jin… What about your career?  What about LA? What would Johnny say?” Meisa looked at him worriedly, but then Jin just smiled at her
“Let me take care of everything, those things doesn’t matter to me now… I’m going to start a family… no, wait… scratch that… WE are going to start a family” Jin cupped her faced and gently kissed her on the lips.
“Tomorrow, let’s meet our parents and tell them about our decision, but now you need to rest.”
Meisa just nodded, enjoying still the warmth that Jin is giving off to her
‘Maybe it’s a right decision to have told him after all… maybe, he loves me too…’ she thought and then her hand automatically caressed her belly.

“Ne Jin, it’s your dream right? To be famous… to perform on a foreign stage… to be the sun…I won’t stop you, I won’t hold you back. Go and reach for your dream, promise me that you will reach your dream…” Jin stiffened when he remembered Kamenashi’s words before he left KAT-TUN.

‘I guess I’m never good at promises….’

Jin immediately avoided something that was aimed to hit him that was thrown by Johnny, he was called off immediately after the news broke that he had married Meisa Kuroki. And now he had to face the furious Johnny.
“What does these mean Jin?!” Johnny’s dace was red
“I am not going to deny it… I really did marry Meisa…” Jin now couldn’t look directly at Johnny
“Why now Jin?! Why?! The both of you are at the top of your career! Especially YOU! You have an upcoming album this March! And the concerts, the movie?! How are we supposed to deal with these??!”
Never before did Jin have seen Johnny that angry before
“I’ll take full responsibility for this Sir!” Jin kept up a straight face not wanting to be shaken off.
Johnny just sank back on his chair feeling more tired than usual and gave up a long sigh
“I didn’t bother on hooking you up in a Hollywood movie nor did I bother for negotiating with people just for them to have you signed up Jin, just for you to…. this marriage… it’s a great loss”
Johnny said while massaging his forehead hoping that that ministrations would help relieve the headache that he’s experiencing right now
*Long Silence*
“What about the dreams you had before Jin? You’re near on reaching them now”
“But … I can’t leave Meisa when she needs me the most right now…” Jin looked at the floor as if it is the most interesting thing to look at that moment
“She’s pregnant isn’t she?”
“Eh?!” Jin looked up at Johnny
“That’s the only reason why most young people gets married these days, and I’m guessing based on the expression you’re showing me right now.. I’m right”
“Please give us your blessing! I want to start off my family with her now” Jin was on his knees bowing low
Johnny gave a long sigh
“There’s nothing I can do about it now, ne? After all you both rushed things and got married immediately without even informing both your agencies…. But! You have to face some consequences or punishment for not informing your agency or me in particular… nevertheless, I know THEY are expecting more from me regarding to your punishment”
“Arigatou gozaimasu!”
“But! You have to settle the work you left off in America… which means you have to leave for at least a month”
“I understand! Please guide me now as always”
‘I wonder how that person’s going to react about this news’ Johnny thought after Jin has left.


“Onegaishimasu! Please let Jin have his own concert in America!”

“Demmo, if he is to leave now… there’s this chance that he might not come back, are you willing carry the burden that he’s going to leave behind?”

Kame looked at Johnny, his eyes full of determination and hope

“I’ll carry everything… I’ll carry the entire burden… I promise that even if he is to leave us, I’ll never falter. KAT-TUN… KAT-TUN will never… never breakdown. Please guide him through his dreams” then Kame bowed once again

“Very well, I would guide him… but you have to promise me one thing… you are never to quit the  entertainment industry… no matter what happens, you’ll still be working for me to compensate for all the things that I’ll be doing for Jin” 

“’I will. No matter what happens, I’ll never quit”

“Even if the Japan’s baseball league would offer you a position on their team? Even if you’d finally meet that girl that would wish for you to be an ordinary salary man?”

“I will not hesitate, Just please… let Jin reach for his dreams…”
“Very well, consider it done”

Kame beamed

“Arigatou gozaimasu!”

*End of Flashback*

Chapter 3

Wasurenaide (Prolouge+Chapter 1)

Title: Wasurenaide[Prologue+Chapter 1]
Author: rionkaori

Status: ongoing
Pairing(s): Akame, slight Pikame, other side pairing to come(?)
Rating: G
Genre: angts, romance
Beta by: my pillow (just kidding XD ME~!)
Warning: unbetaed
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my plot thanks to my insanely brokenhearted mind

Summary: The story took place last 2012
Which is worse? A sad memory you couldn’t forget? Or a memory you couldn’t remember? After years of his departure, looks like Kamenashi still couldn’t erase him from his memories…

Author Note: After ‘organizing’ my documents on my laptop… I saw this fic that I wrote while still in agony and brokenhearted with Jin’s marriage thing…  bear with me… cause I’m still broken :’< … anyway, douzo
Btw. Please don’t forget to leave a comment or something XD

The moment Kamenashi’s exhausted body dropped on the bed, his thoughts was instantly sailing away and reaches its dream land…
He was lying on the ground, looking at the clouds, not even thinking about the time spent and time wasted. Because he was with the one whom he wants to be with…
“ne… Kazu, what do you want to be?” the older boy asked him…
“what I mean is… what’s your dream?”
Kamenashi lifted his hands covering the sun’s light from his eyes “I want to reach the sun…”
“eeh??! Hahaha what an absurd dream hahaha!”
The boy next to him kept on laughing, Kame got pissed off and was about to get up and leave the boy when the boy suddenly stopped laughing and tried to stop him from leaving by grabbing his hands, and they both sat down, the boy suddenly looked serious and was looking at his eyes…
“I’ll be your sun…” wrapping his hands around Kamenashi’s
“I am now your sun…” then he placed Kamenashi’s hands on his cheeks “I am your sun, and now you’ve reached me…”
*End of Flashback*
The light and heat coming from the sun is now touching Kamenashi’s face causing him to wake up.
“Why do I have to dream about that now?”

Upon reaching for a book, one of the photo albums that he have place on his book shelf fell down, it contains some of his pictures during his junior days, before KAT-TUN’s debut or even before it was formed.
“Ah, so this is where I kept all these pictures” Kame smiled as he was browsing in the photo album.
He smile broke when he stumbled upon some pictures of him and Jin during their ‘Okinawa getaway’.
“Kazu-chan~! Promise me we’ll get through this together!”
“I promise” Kame mumbled as he was trying to get his sleep despite all the whines and ruckus that Jin was making inside their tent.
Jin noticed that Kame’s starting to doze off ahead of him so he rocked the younger man’s shoulders trying to wake up the other one but did not succeed
“mou~ Kazu don’t sleep on me!” Jin pouted
*End of Flashback*
‘Hmn… some trash had been accumulating lot of space in my place lately’ Kame thought and was about to throw the whole album the waste bin, but in the end he just couldn’t and so he place the album back to his bookshelf.
Saki no koto dore hodo ni kan gaete itemo
hontou no koto nante dare ni mo mienai
kuuhaku? kokoro ni nanika ga tsumatte
ayamachi bakari kuri kaeshiteta

ippo zutsu de iisa kono te wo hanasazuni
tomo ni ayunda hibi ga iki tsuzukeru kara
boroboro ni narumade hikisakarete itemo
ano toki no ano basho kienai kono kizuna

The Kamenashi Kazuya has been once again invited in the Shounen Club, and for all the songs that have been written, the hosts have chosen the song Kizuna for him to sing. After finishing his performance, on the backstage he could feel his energy getting drained for the every second that was passing. Yamapi who was also a guest on the show noticed Kazuya on the corner with his eyes closed then he decided to sit beside the younger man.

“Hisashiburi” Yamapi said as he sat on the long sofa in where the unaware Kame was sitting

Kame was a bit shocked at first, his body stiffed for a bit and he raised his guard immediately, even knowing that the ‘intruder’ was only Yamapi, he didn’t let dropped his guard down thus, he allowed himself to drift off
Noticing that the other is not paying attention to him, Yamapi pouted and placed his chin on Kame’s shoulders

“You still haven’t changed a bit Shuuji-kun… you’d still sleep anywhere possible”

“Shut up Tomo, I’m tired… let me at least rest my eyes, my next performance would be after 20 minutes or so” Kame did not even bother to open his eyes and was still trying to at least take a nap for that 20 minutes span

“You know, it’s alright to sometimes soften up to others Kazuya, not everyone would harm you… I’m still your friend, ne? It’s alright to always do your best in everything but please do not over do yourself” Yamapi said his voice sounding a bit worried about his friend.


“I’ll lend you my lap. Come on, sleep if you want to” pulled Kame to his lap, Kame hesitated at first but in the end he allowed himself use Yamapi’s legs as a pillow “I’ll wake you up when it’s time for your performance”

“Arigatou… Tomo-kun” Kame started to drop his guard down on Yampi and soon drifted off to sleep

Yamapi looked at Kame’s sleeping form and started to play on the younger man’s fringe. ‘A lot have changed lately ne? A lot have changed about you… Does HE still have an impact on you?’

“Nani?!” Kamenashi nearly jumped off from his seat

“I mean it Kazu, I already informed my parents… I’m gonna focus on my career” Jin gulped down on his can of soda

“But Jin, what about your future?”

“Kazu, my future is in this business.. with you, I want to focus on US more. After all, school is just a hindrance for me, that’s why I decided to just stop with it”

Kame was about to say something to Jin but the older grabbed his hands and…

“I just want you to support me with my decision Kazu, just your support. Actually, I could go on living just knowing that you would support me and will always be there for me”

Kame just gave his friend the brightest smile and said “Of course I would always be here for you BAKA!”

After a month, there have been an uproar where in Kamenashi had also dropped out of school and focused on his career as an idol, along with his best friend. In which his parents have been deliberately against but said nothing and just supported their son’s decision. Many knew that Kame alone could not make such decisions if not influenced by a certain Akanishi.
*End of Flashback*
“So… Where do you want to go for dinner?”

After their performance together, singing Seishun Amigo as Shuuji to Akira once again, Yamapi kept on clinging on Kame, and the younger tried his best to get out of Yamapi’s hold.

“I am going home for dinner and so that I could also finally get some sleep” and walked away from Yamapi

“mou~! Kazu-tan you’re no fun” Yamapi pouted while Kame stiffened when he heard Yamapi call him as ‘Kazu-tan’

“Do not address me as ‘Kazu’, ‘Kazu-chan’ or ‘Kazu-tan’ ever again… understood Yamashita-san?” Kame continued to walk faster to avoid Yamapi questioning him

Out in the distance Yamapi was still following Kame up until to the car park

“Will you please stop following me?” Kame hissed when he noticed that Yamapi was still tailing him

“demmo Shuuji~! I didn’t come here with my car… drive me home ne?” Yamapi tried to lure Kame with his puppy dog eyes

“Take a cab then” attempting to enter his car and drive immediately, Yamapi sensed that Kame would just leave him there alone so he acted instantly and got inside the driver’s seat

“Oi! Get out of my car Yamashita-san” Kame was dumbfounded

“Come on Kame, we’re both tired and I know you still haven’t got enough sleep. Let me drive you home, just hand me your car keys” feeling defeated Kame immediately gave in and hopped inside his own car and sat on the passenger’s seat, buckled up and glanced at Yamapi

“You could sleep on the way you know, I’ll drive slowly” Kame didn’t said anything and just sat comfortably and was soon drifting to sleep

The drive to Kame’s house from the studio was only half an hour but since Yamapi noticed that he should let Kame sleep some more he just basically drove almost all around Tokyo

You’ve been forgetting about yourself a lot lately, I keep on wondering that could have caused that…’ Yamapi thought when he glanced at the sleeping Kame... his thoughts got cut off when he heard Kame murmured that name…

Yamapi flinched ‘Ah… yes, who else could it be but that guy… I guess you really couldn’t forget him. Demmo Kame, you’re just hurting yourself… you’re hurting yourself…’ then he drove around some more. Even if he himself is tired because of his projects, he just couldn’t leave Kame like that, after all…

Kame felt more lively than usual
‘hmmn… maybe because I got to sleep more, I should let Yamapi drive me home more often’
For the past few days whenever the two of them would bump into each other Yamapi would always happen to have left his car and would keep on insisting that Kame should give him a lift home but would always be the one to drive the car and letting Kame doze off while on the way

Kame walking to Johnny’s office when the old man summoned him, on his way there he saw something that made him stand dead on his track

‘No! It can’t be…’

He ran to the toilet hoping not to bump into someone and locked himself up in one of the cubicle

‘Even after all these years… your presence could still...’ he was shaking

Jin was yelling and waving his hands in front of Kame trying to make an emphasis on what he just said while Kame tried to calm himself trying hard not to let his tears fall, then he felt a lump forming on his throat…

He gathered all his courage and smiled

“I am happy for you Jin. I’m sorry …you were right… this is something I would never understand. Congratulations and I’m sorry I’ve been hard on you…”

“Thank you”

With that Jin just walked away leaving Kame alone and it is when Kame’s legs gave up and he slumped on the floor. The tears that he was holding up earlier started flowing, the sobs he was trying to suppress came out of his mouth. He tried to cover his mouth with his hands so that he wouldn’t make a noise. He felt so drained

‘I thought that through this, we’d finally be close once again…. but I was wrong…’ Kame hugged himself…
*End of Flashback*
Upon recalling that painful past Kame slumped on the tilled floor… feeling as if his energy was drained out



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[Drabble] Jar of Hearts

Title: Jar of Hearts
Pairing(s): Akame, Pikame, JinxMeisa
Rating: G
Genre: Drabble
Summary: who do you think you are Jin? running around leaving scars?


Warm wind was brushing through Kamenashi’s face, he was standing there watching the cherry blossom while waiting for someone… when suddenly he noticed HIM, the least he want to see… wrapped his arms around HER.

*pain* he clutched his hands on his chest. ‘Damn. I never thought that it would still hurt this much’ Kamenashi said to himself a smiled painfully and looked at the couple again…

There he was, holding her hands smiling and laughing like a fool… his face was brighter and warmer…

When was the last time I saw him smile like that? Hmmn… when he was with me he never smiled like that….

Tears starts to flow on his cheeks… remembering all those memories he wanted to forget.


Kame got startled when he heard someone call his name and immediately wiped his face.

He felt somebody patted his shoulders… “Have you been waiting long?”

When he turned around he saw Yamapi smiling brightly at him.

Kamenashi tried to smile “no…”

Yamapi then noticed Kame’s cheeks and eyes were a bit red…

“eeeeeh? Daijoubu ga?” Yamapi was now clustered and was thinking what could have been the cause for the younger once to cry?

“Gomen.. gomen… Daijoubu … daijoubu” Kame laughed as he saw Yamapi being bouncy and all.

“hontou?” Yamapi still looked at Kame with concerned and was obviously not buying what the latter have said

“ Hai!” Kame tried to act cheerful once again and pulled Yamapi’s arms… “I’m a bit hungry now so… iku?”

“mnn!” Yamapi nodded and held Kame’s hands…

‘it’s warm… ne Jin, you’re happy with her right? I should be happy and move on too… but Jin… how could I? When you still got hold of my heart? I don’t want to be unfair to Yamapi, demo… hahaha… it still hurt… it does…’

Kame stopped walking and tears started trailing on his cheeks once again, Yamapi noticed and wrapped his arms around Kame… “shhhhh… don’t cry, am I still no good? Can’t I replace him?” Kamenashi then buried his face on Yamapi’s chest…

“Gomen ne? Gomen…”

so yeah i had this for ages... okay just since April or so >_> i was actually crying while writing this fic, i don't even know why? =__=

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Title: Red is for Passion
Pairing(s): Akame
Rating: NC17
Genre: Smut, Yaoi, oneshot
Warnings: SEX
Summary: somebody got a surprise for who?! 
Beta: me!! :)))))

 I’m really irritated with Ueda, forcing me to wear a yukata just when summer ended months ago and it starts to get chilly

“ano.. tell me again why I have to wear this yukata?” I said while feeling the cloth, though it is very comfortable to wear, it’s still annoying in a way that Ueda had this sly grin on his face ever since this afternoon, just after he talked to someone on the phone

“E? Don’t you like it? Somebody gave it to me and said that it’s a present for you. The cloth is so smooth and the color is blood red, your favorite color fufufufu” Ueda commented with smirk

“Who gave it? Why does he have to give it to you first and not to me directly? And since when did I like red? It’s not me who love this color! It’s.. it’s.. Aka-… argh forget it” I got a bit pissed off when he suddenly popped up to my mind

“Oh.. And who is this person who love this color? That made my Kame tongue tied?” his smirk annoyed me for a bit since I think he knows something that I don’t. and why is it that I felt that every sentence that he’ll say have hearts (♥) in the end?

“so where are you taking me?” as I tried to change the topic

“hi-mi-tsu ”

 Then he suddenly applied something on my lips… lipstick? And I almost died from suffocation when he applied the whole bottle of perfume on me, then he took me out of his room, I even almost fell on his stairs. This bastard…

When we got out of the house, cold finally came to my vocabulary, damn this person! He’s wearing warm clothes while I’m wearing almost nothing and was being dragged outside.

 We got into his car and he stared driving, I kept on asking him where we’re going but he still won’t tell me, he would just remain silent the whole time or he would sometimes complain about his lovelife. *sigh* you got rights to complain on how your lover won’t let you go each night while me and my lover haven’t met for months because of this damn busy schedule… tsk!

The car suddenly stopped and he suddenly took me someplace…

“we’re here~! ♥ fufufu” and it seems that Ueda is having fun while pushing the doorbell for he kept on playing with it

“Where is “here” exactly?”

Then I heared the door open, but since Ueda is blocking the doorway and it’s quite dark on the area I didn’t got the chance to notice who’s there.

“Yo! Looks like we came on the right time hehehe… I’ll leave him to your care then, he could stay here for three days tops and that’s all, I arranged him just as how you like it. Kame-kun be nice fufufu ♥ I’ll take my leave~” then that lovesick bastard left me with someone who I still haven’t seen. Ueda ran fast on his car

“Ganbare!” he even had time to say that!!! How could he leave me in nowhere!

“Chotto matte Ueda!!” I tried to run after him but somebody grabbed my arm, he then wrapped his arms around me.

“I miss you…” he said in a husky voice when I turned around a met the eyes of the one who owns this voice, he suddenly pressed his lips against mine

I could feel his wet lips on mine… I slowly closed my eyes and moved my hands from my sides to his hips…

 “Jin…” I muttered and he took advantage to that and took my mouth, his tongue thrusting into my wanting mouth. He won control of the kiss and started to suck on my tongue, he’s now kissing me deeply. I could feel his hunger and longing.

 “W—w-hy?.. What’s h-appening here?” my words are all scattered because of confusion.

Akanishi said nothing and dragged me inside the house … the next moment I knew we’re already in the bedroom and we’re standing in front of a mirror. The moment I saw my reflection I thought that that bastard Ueda! He dolled me up like a girl!

“You’re still as beautiful as ever…” Jin whispered in my ear, he was standing behind me at looking straight to my eyes through the mirror while his hands are caressing my shoulders

“I knew it would look perfect on you, so when I saw that yukata last time I bought it immediately” he said with a happy look on his face.

Jin then pushed me on the bed…

“Akanishi what are you doing?”

“Kazu-chan… I arranged this meeting, Ueda even ganged up with me and arranged everything…” he said while planting a kiss on my neck.

 I notice the room is full of the color red, red roses on the table plus red wine and strawberry cake and a bowl of cherries. Even though the color of the sheet covers is white, there are red flower petals scattered all over, there are even some candles burning in the corner… then a scent enveloping the room… chamomile?

Jin must have noticed that I’m not paying attention on what he’s doing so he bit my neck

“ah~! Why did you bit me???!”

He pouted “because you’re not paying attention to me!” ah... he could be cute sometimes.

“ahaha... Gomenasai”

“Don’t ignore me…” he looked directly into my eyes, he’s serious. Jin cupped my face with his big hands and started to plant small kisses on my face. When he’s about to kiss my lips I closed my eyes and waited for it, but it didn’t come, but instead he kissed my cheeks and then he said goodnight, then lied down beside me… that’s it?! Just kissing?! This Bakanishi! Is he teasing me? Oh no we’re not gonna kiss and tell ‘goodnight’…

I sat on top of him and since Jin’s just wearing a robe it was easy it was easy to remove it and expose his body. Started to plant wet kisses on his neck, and then moving up again to feel his lips. His kisses began to become more demanding thrusting his tongue in, tasting... needing…

I bit his lips and he moaned… as I kissed his lips, He threaded his warm fingers through my hair, my groin tightening at his touch. He pulled me closer to him, I was hoping he wouldn't feel me getting hard but wanting to feel him touch me more.

His hands started trailing on my body and started to set fire on it. My groin was starting to throb as he kissed me harder. my hands travelled along his body…

"I need you."

 I muttered and moved my attention and arm down to his very erect penis, removed his robe with his boxers. He moaned and groaned as his fingers entangled themselves in my hair again. He’s so hard! I thought to myself at the unveiling of his cock.

I rubbed the tip with my thumb. I took some cream from the cake that was on the near table and applied it on his tip of his penis and started licking it. He moaned hard and his breathing went faster. It’s turning me on…

 I took all of him into my mouth and even got to taste the pre cum. Sweet and salty... hearing him moan and calling my name…

“ahn… no Kazu.. I want to cum, inside you..”

He pulled me out of his cock and flipped me over, and took my yukata off… unveiled my body. Damn! I’m so aroused and hard right now, I could feel my cock and my hole twitching … I can’t take it anymore…

"Jin, take me…”

“But I must prepare you first”

“It’s alright, just put your… inside me... onegai!” Jin listened to my selfish request and grabbed the lube on the bedside table then pouring a great amount on his cock.

I could then feel him entering me, me getting filled inch by inch…

He was then inside me… I screeched in pain, he kissed me while pulling in and out.

"Faster." I panted, he began to pound into me. I couldn't control myself. I moaned his name, asking him go even faster.

"Jin... I'm going t-to c-cum..."

“then cum…”

I released right after he did. He collapsed on me, panting hard. His lips crashing onto mine in a passionate kiss.

“I love you..” he whispered on my ear

I smiled “I love you too” then kissed him again. I felt he’s hard again inside me…

and so we did it lots of times that we even lost counts…

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